Proof and computation

1993 Annals of Pure and Applied Logic  
The "Marktoberdorf Summer School" is a course of two DIRECTORS weeks duration for young computer scientists and mathemat-M. Boy. Munich. Germany icians working in the fields of computational aspects of H. Schwichtenberg. Munich. Germany S S. Wainer, Lewis, United Kingdom proofs, logical systems, and algebraic specifications. The knowledge and the promotion of international contacts SECRETARY among scientists. R. Stembraggen, Munich, Gemtany The logical notion of a formal proof in various
more » ... ctive systems can be viewed as a very explicit way to describe a computation procedure. Many aspects of computation can so be captured in an illu~native way: A good example is the modelling of bounded resources by means of linear logic. But also conversely the development of logical systems (e.g. for verification purposes) has been influenced by accumulating knowledge on rewriting and unification techniques, particularly in a higher order context. It is the objective of the 1993 Summer School at Marktoberdorf, a small town 100 km southwest from Munich, to study the current reapproachment between logic and computation under methodological and algorithmic aspects. TOPICS and I_ECTURES Specification and Abstract Data Types M. WIRSING: Algebraic Specification Techniques -Summer S&c4 -, P.O.Sox M 24 2U. W-81xX) Mitndwn 2 Phale.(+8%3)21058195/4 Fax: (+89) 2105 8183 Q T&x: 52 28 5-I tumue dO E-mait: RaN.Steinbruegge~inkxmatik.fu-Muenchen DE Eisevier Science Publishers B.V.
doi:10.1016/0168-0072(93)90193-h fatcat:2sthqrebordbbavxi45i2ugb7u