Origin of the Slow Dynamics and the Aging of a Soft Glass

Sylvain Mazoyer, Luca Cipelletti, Laurence Ramos
2006 Physical Review Letters  
We study by light microscopy a soft glass consisting of a compact arrangement of polydisperse elastic spheres. We show that its slow and non-stationary dynamics results from the unavoidable small fluctuations of temperature, which induce intermittent local mechanical shear in the sample, because of thermal expansion and contraction. Temperature-induced shear provokes both reversible and irreversible rearrangements whose amplitude decreases with time, leading to an exponential slowing down of the dynamics with sample age.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.97.238301 pmid:17280252 fatcat:23cs4ika2beldgyqud5vxkeleq