Development of Full Segment Digital Broadcast Receiver based on the ISDB-T
ISDB-T 기반의 FULL-SEG 방송 수신 장치 개발

Woo-Yong Ohm
2017 Journal of the Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers  
The ISDB-T(Integrated Service Digital Broadcasting Terrestrial) can be used in the multipath and impulsive noise, also it provide good performance over mobile reception environment since it use the OFDM(Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) based transmission technology and time interleaving technology. One segment and full segment are divided according to the number of the assigned segment. And one-segment broadcasting receiver can design and implement without high levels of technology
more » ... an the full-segment broadcasting receiver using 64QAM(64 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) since it uses QPSK(Quadrature Phase Shift Keying) modulation/demodulation. However, it has a constraint in the display size and resolution due to data-rate limits. In this paper, we design and implementation of full-segment ISDB-T receiver module which support HD resolution for set-top box, digital TV, navigation. In experimental results, the implemented full-segment ISDB-T receiver module was satisfactory for all of the desired functions.
doi:10.5573/ieie.2017.54.1.139 fatcat:akrt4gqm7fgxhgfatmthc7ezj4