Influence of the Homeopathic Medicine, Arsenicum album, on Selected Biochemical Parameters of Avian and Mammalian Blood in vitro

Meena Yadav, Mukta Yadav, Lavanya Ranjan
2020 Vantage: Journal of Thematic Analysis  
Spectroscopy has been established as the biological tool for diagnosis of serum to know the health of a person. In our study, we incubated chicken and goat blood with five doses (4%, 2%, 1.34%, 1% and 0.5%) of homeopathic medicine Arsenicum album-30C and their respective controls. The optical densities of the blood were measured and compared. In chicken blood, there was an increase in the amino acid levels, glucose metabolism and carboxyhemoglobin levels with 1.34%, 1% and 0.5% Arsenicum album
more » ... 5% Arsenicum album as compared to control. Further, 1.34% Arsenicum album showed maximum therapeutic effects as it lowered protein breakdown, carbohydrate metabolism and oxidative stress and also lowered the levels of carboxyhemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin after 30 minutes of incubation. With 1% Arsenicum album, there was reduced cellular breakdown, lowered carbohydrate metabolism and hemoglobin degradation after 30 minutes of incubation. Incubation of goat blood with 1.34% and 1% Arsenicum album increased the levels of carboxyhemoglobin but decreased the levels of amino acid and glucose metabolism. Arsenicum album showed healing effects, in goat blood, with only two doses i.e. 2% and 1%. After incubation with 2% and 1% Arsenicum album, the cellular breakdown was significantly lowered after 30 minutes and 60 minutes of incubation while the other doses of Arsenicum album did not show any therapeutic effects on the cellular components of blood but in fact induced deleterious effects.
doi:10.52253/vjta.2020.v01i01.12 fatcat:nteafocaqzcjrfpih5m34weutq