ICRF antenna designs for CIT and alcator C-Mod

R. H. Goulding, F. W. Baity, P. L. Goranson, D. J. Hoffman, P. M. Ryan, D. J. Taylor, J. J. Yugo
1989 AIP Conference Proceedings  
An ion cyclotron range of frequencies (ICRF) launcher for the Compact Ignition Tokamak (CIT) has been designed. This launcher incorporates four current straps in a 2 x 2 configuration. The current straps consist of end-fed loops that are grounded in the middle. An antenna similar in geometry, size, and feed configuration to a single strap of the CIT launcher will be built for use on Alcator C-Mod. The design must provide maximum power levels of 4 MW/port for CIT and 2 MW/port for C-Mod, pulse
more » ... for C-Mod, pulse lengths of 5-10 s for CIT and I s for C-Mod, and power densities up to 2 kW/cm 2 . The design uses a Faraday shield consisting of Inconel rods with mechanically attached graphite tiles; the shield and the current strap are cooled by radiating to a gas-cooled backplane. A feed configuration compatible with the end-fed antenna design has been developed and features tunability in three bands in the range 65-130 MHz. It uses an external resonant loop with integral tuning elements. It has been designed to maximize power handling capabilities, minimize space requirements, and facilitate remote handling.
doi:10.1063/1.38495 fatcat:sgqmkn5kivhxriwl4tvrzm577q