Formation and Development of Ecofriend Antimicrobial SuperabsorbentHydrogel for Personal Healthcare

Md. Ibrahim H Mondal
2020 Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research  
Cellulose-based biodegradable hydrogel was synthesized with a good absorption and antimicrobial activity for a target applications in personal health care sector. Hydrogel was synthesized by simple and energy efficient free radical graft copolymerization between acrylamide and methyl methacrylate with CMC, in presence of crosslinking agent N,Nmethylne-bis-acrylamide and potassium persulphate as initiator. For synthesis of two different antimicrobial hydrogels, two antimicrobial agents ZnO and
more » ... O 2 were added during polymerization reaction. The obtained products were characterized by physical methods as well as instrumental techniques. It was found that hydrogels with ZnO and TiO 2 separately are active against gram positive and gram negative microorganism and have the water absorption capacity of 190 and 173 g/g respectively. In addition water holding capacity of the hydrogels decreases with the increase of antimicrobial agent, at the same time with increase of their antimicrobial activity. From the experimental analysis it can be concluded that the synthesized hydrogel could be a good initiative in the handle of complicacy originates from personal healthcare products as well as created opportunities for the products to be used in replacement of available petrochemical based super absorbent polymer.
doi:10.26717/bjstr.2020.30.005000 fatcat:y44uh5e3jbbj5m3e2qxm5grfx4