Development of organizational and economic solutions in the strategic management of the organization's production activities using factual methods

I. E. Ustyugova, N. M. Shatokhina, Pham Thi Thuy Ha
2020 Vestnik Voronežskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta Inženernyh Tehnologij  
The article deals with the problems of solving the following professional tasks in the framework of organizational and managerial, information and analytical and entrepreneurial activities: participation in the development and implementation of a set of measures of operational nature in accordance with the strategy of the enterprise; organization of work of the performers (team players) for specific projects, activities, works; collection, processing and analysis of information about factors
more » ... on about factors external and internal environment of the organization to managerial decision-making; building and maintaining the organization's internal information system for collecting information for decision-making, planning and monitoring; evaluating the effectiveness of management decisions;organizing and conducting business. When developing strategic management decisions, managers at all levels face various challenges. In particular, it is quite difficult to justify the chosen alternative solution for a particular issue related to the management of the organization. For these purposes, various decision-making methods can be used, based on both intuition, professional experience, collective discussions, and a science-based approach. In the process of studying the need to use factographic methods in making various organizational, managerial and economic decisions, the following conclusions are formulated: factographic methods are decision-making methods that are based on the use of actually available information material about the object of forecasting and its past development; for the purposes of forecasting the future state of the object, it is most appropriate to use extrapolation methods that are simple, clear and can be effectively implemented in the management practice of industrial enterprises using computer programs.
doi:10.20914/2310-1202-2020-2-266-277 fatcat:r5uhq4h7rzcyjcrpy56ndpj4xy