Author Index, Vol. 22, 1984

1984 Intervirology  
Bruenn, J.A.; Koltin, Y.; Rawlinson, C.J.; Ushiyama, R.; Wood, H.A.: Six groups of double-stranded RNA mycoviruses 17-23 Cantor, Ena D., see Ackermann, Hans-W. 181-190 Casareale, Domenic; Sairenji, Takeshi; Humphreys, Robert E.: Isolation and characterization of an EBV superinfection-enhanced, host-cell-coded, 53,000-dalton protein 24-31 Chauhan, Shakuntala; Lecatsas, Gerasimos; Harley, Eric H.: Genome analysis of BK (WW) viral DNA cloned directly from human urine 170-176 Collandre, Hélène;
more » ... ard, Denise; Montagnier, Luc: Induction of EBV DNA demethylation and of EBV-specific transcription in Daudi cells treated with TPA and «-butyrate 201-210 Dawson, William O.; Lozoya-Saldana, Hector: Examination of the mode of action of ribavirin against tobacco mosaic virus 77-84 de Jong, J.C; Wigand, R.; Adrian, Th.; Hierholzer, J.C.; Kapsenberg, J.G.; Muzerie, C.J.; Wermenbol, A.G.: Adenovirus 38: a new human adenovirus species of subgenus D 164-169 de Martinez Segovia, Zulema M., see Padula, Paula J. 227-231 Diener, T.O.: Portraits of viruses: the viroid 1-16 Digoutte, J.P., see Knudson, D.L. 41-49 Dillner, Joakim, see Gergely, Lajos 85-96 Francki, Richard LB., see Milne, Robert G. 72-76 Fuchs, Pawel G.; Pfister, Herbert: Cloning and characterization of papillomavirus type 2c DNA 177-180 Gergely, Lajos; Sternås, Lars; Dillner, Joakim; Klein, George: Molecular size variation of EBNA is determined by the EB viral genome. Studies on sub-lines of EBV-negative lymphomas converted with different EBV substrains and on somatic hybrids 85-96 Guetard,
doi:10.1159/000149556 fatcat:h3mnau52nzfozjmrarpg2e6z5q