Analysis of vaccinia virus temperature-sensitive I7L mutants reveals two potential functional domains

Megan J Moerdyk, Chelsea M Byrd, Dennis E Hruby
2006 Virology Journal  
As an approach to initiating a structure-function analysis of the vaccinia virus I7L core protein proteinase, a collection of conditional-lethal mutants in which the mutation had been mapped to the I7L locus were subjected to genomic sequencing and phenotypic analyses. Mutations in six vaccinia virus I7L temperature sensitive mutants fall into two groups: changes at three positions at the N-terminal end between amino acids 29 and 37 and two different substitutions at amino acid 344, near the
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doi:10.1186/1743-422x-3-64 pmid:16945137 pmcid:PMC1570340 fatcat:xal2r5kxkngcrlyyq3digkbstm