Ultrafast spectroscopy of wide bandgap semiconductor nanostructures

Mehran Shahmohammadi
Suisse 2015 PAR Mehran SHAHMOHAMMADI Without the help of countless people, this thesis would have not been possible. To all these people I owe my sincere gratitude. First and foremost, I would like to thank my academic advisor, professor Benoît Deveaud, for the support and guidance he has provided me throughout my dissertation. His scientific intuitions and insights were always a shortcut path for me. He always gave me precise advices, but also the freedom to choose my research direction.
more » ... e his very busy schedule, he had always a time slot on his calendar for me to meet and discuss my experimental results. I have always admired the positive and encouraging atmosphere he brought to our meetings, as well as his precise and carefully evaluating manner. I have truly learned a lot during my thesis, which goes beyond science itself. Thanks Benoît for all. Then, I would like to thank my thesis co-supervisor, Dr. Jean-Daniel Ganière. It has been a great honor for me to work with him, with lots of experimental skills and ideas on CL spectroscopy. I enjoyed working closely with Jean-Daniel, as his last PhD student, on many different projects and research proposals. I am eternally indebted to Dr. Gwénolé Jacopin, the ambitious and motivated postdoc, whom I worked with during my PhD. With his friendly, supportive, and motivated manner, he passed me his passion and knowledge. Indeed, he has a big share on all experimental and computational achievements in my thesis. In addition to the scientific side, he has also provided me with invaluable help in carefully planning and managing research projects. Working together and sharing so many adventures in the lab has simply been a great pleasure for me. I am then much indebted and grateful to Dr. Pierre Corfdir for patiently guiding me in my first steps in the laboratory. From time to time, I had chance to meet him at EPFL or conferences, and to have fruitful discussions on my PhD results. I would like to thank the members of my jury, prof. Claude Weisbuch, prof. Jürgen Christen, prof. Elison Matioli, and prof. Hans Peter Herzig for taking the time to review this dissertation and for providing valuable comments and discussions. It has been a great honor for me to have such a competent evaluation of my work. I would like then to express my sincere gratitude to Nicolas (prof. Nicolas Grandjean), with whom I had the opportunity to have very close and fruitful collaborations. He provided me great insights into a different area, like for instance, the growth of nitrides. I truly enjoyed our many stimulating and interesting discussions. Moreover, It was my pleasure to collaborate with his group (LASPE) members, including Marlene, Etienne, Noelia, Jacques, and . . . . My i Acknowledgements special thanks goes to Lise (Dr. Lise Lahourcade) and Dr. Jean-François, for growing the state-of-the-art high quality samples during my PhD. My special thanks go to Dr. Raphaël Butté for our long and fruitful discussions, that started from the beginning of my PhD. He indeed helped me a lot on our scientific discussions. With his precise and critical reading and reviewing my articles, he improved the quality of what we published together. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Georg (Dr. Georg Rossbach), with whom I had the opportunity to have close and fruitful collaboration on the main part of my thesis. He was the most serious and at the same time friendly PhD student I met in my PhD. It has been a real pleasure to know you and work with you.
doi:10.5075/epfl-thesis-6713 fatcat:rtv3aaow7bdnrmgfhj4gsn3wyu