Transmission of dipolar substituent effects: ionization of a series 3-(7-substituted-1-naphthyl) propynoic acid (E)-3-(7-substituted-1-naphthyl) propenoic acids and their Esterification with Diazodiphenylmethane

Ghadir Khalaf, Sameerah Mustafa, Ghaidaa Kadhim, Hadeel Hasan
2021 Al-Kitab Journal for Pure Sciences  
Alkaline hydrolysis rates coefficients for the series of methyl 3-(7-substituted-1-naphthyl) propynoate was calculated in 70%v/v dimethylsulphoxide-water at various temperatures (25,30,40, and 50̊ C). The pKa values of 3-(7-substituted-1-naphthyl) propynoic acid and (E)- 3-(7-substituted-1-naphthyl) propenoic acid calculated in 80%w/w 2-methoxyethanol-water at room temperature (25.0̊ C). logk2 of esterification rate coefficients for 3-(7-substituted-1-naphthyl) propynioc acid and
more » ... uted-1-naphthyl) propenioc acid with DDM have been measured at 30.0̊ C. Reversed substituent dipolar effects were found in the ionization reaction. In the esterification reaction with DDM the result show similar but reduced substituted effects. Rate retardations was found in the alkaline hydrolysis. It could be result from steric effect or reversal of substituent dipolar effect with a combination of steric effect.
doi:10.32441/kjps.05.02.p1 fatcat:dbr7karqy5h5zhcuubyoeomhx4