Différance Animal/ Humano: deconstrucción epistemológica

Esther Zarzo
2019 Pangeas. Revista Interdisciplinar de Ecocrítica  
This research recovers the deconstructive analyses on the theoretical limit between the concepts of "animality" and "humanity" that Jacques Derrida has outlined in numerous bodies of his work, most especially in the compilation of his lecture series The animal that therefore I am (More to follow). Firstly, a synthetic explanation is presented of the historical and epistemological deconstruction that Derrida makes of the "animal"/ "human" pair, thus making explicit the modern process of
more » ... process of definition by which such categories naturalize and perpetuate the structural violence against those beings categorized under the concept of "animal". Secondly, clarifications are given on any weak points exposed by the deconstructive analysis of such categorizations, whose paradoxical consequence is the crisis of the concept of "subject" that it sought to elevate. Thirdly, the paper describes the derridean strategy to redefine such categories in a way that is non-exclusive and susceptible to ethical recognition, and a possible development path of the latter is considered.
doi:10.14198/pangeas2019.1.02 fatcat:efbsbmqa5zdmpcebmzfftxly3i