Marr's levels and the minimalist program

Mark Johnson
2016 Psychonomic Bulletin & Review  
A simple change to a cognitive system at Marr's computational level may entail complex changes at the other levels of description of the system. The implementational level complexity of a change, rather than its computational level complexity, may be more closely related to the plausibility of a discrete evolutionary event causing that change. Thus the formal complexity of a change at the computational level may not be a good guide to the plausibility of an evolutionary event introducing that
more » ... ange. For example, while the Minimalist Program's Merge is a simple formal operation (Berwick & Chomsky, 2016), the computational mechanisms required to implement the language it generates (e.g., to parse the language) may be considerably more complex. This has implications for the theory of grammar: theories of grammar which involve several kinds of syntactic operations may be no less evolutionarily plausible than a theory of grammar that involves only one. A deeper understanding of human language at the algorithmic and implementational levels could strengthen Minimalist Program's account of the evolution of language. Keywords Evolution · Language Chomsky's Minimalist Program is largely motivated by the challenge of explaining the evolution of language (Chomsky, 1995) . The relatively small difference between the genomes of humans and non-human primates, and the apparently rapid and discrete nature of the emergence of
doi:10.3758/s13423-016-1062-1 pmid:27368624 fatcat:hdstjgwi5jc53lbqiue56ou6wu