Time-dependent ejection velocity model for the outflow of Hen 3-1475

P. F. Velázquez, A. Riera, A. C. Raga
2004 Astronomy and Astrophysics  
We present 2D axisymmetric and 3D numerical simulations of the proto-planetary nebula Hen 3-1475, which is characterized by a remarkably highly collimated optical jet, formed by a string of shock-excited knots along the axis of the nebula. It has recently been suggested that the kinematical and morphological properties of the Hen 3-1475 jet could be the result of an ejection variability of the central source (Riera et al. 2003). The observations suggest a periodic variability of the ejection
more » ... ocity superimposed on a smoothly increasing ejection velocity ramp. From our numerical simulations, we have obtained intensity maps (for different optical emission lines) and position-velocity diagrams, in order to make a direct comparison with the HST observations of this object. Our numerical study allows us to conclude that a model of a precessing jet with a time-dependent ejection velocity, which is propagating into an ISM previously perturbed by an AGB wind, can succesfully explain both the morphological and the kinematical characteristics of this proto-planetary nebula.
doi:10.1051/0004-6361:20035757 fatcat:g55onpjiajhaxc7dwmxmvgpbze