Colour spaces: perceptual, historical and applicational background

M. Tkalcic, J.F. Tasic
The IEEE Region 8 EUROCON 2003. Computer as a Tool.  
Absnacr-In this paper we present an overview of colour spaces used In electrical engineering and image processing. We Streis the imparfance of the perceptual, historical and sppllcananal~hackgraund that led to a colour spare. The colour spaces presented are : RGB;opponentsolours rpsces, phenomenal colaur spscer, CMY, CMYK, TV colour s~aces (UW and YIQ), PhotoYCC, CIE XYZ, Lab and Luv colour spaces.
doi:10.1109/eurcon.2003.1248032 fatcat:pahnpy2inzbd5aaptx3mkoatcu