Out of the Lab". 4th international Brain Computer Interface Workshop and Training Course

Fabien Lotte, Yann Renard, Anatole Lécuyer, Fabien Lotte, Yann Renard, Anatole, F Lotte, Y Renard, A Lécuyer
2008 Self-Paced Brain-Computer Interaction with Virtual Worlds: A Quantitative and Qualitative Study   unpublished
This paper describes the results of an evaluation of a self-paced BCI application conducted with 21 na¨ıvena¨ıve subjects. We studied both performances and preferences of subjects placed voluntarily in a challenging situation: first-time session, no human learning, no machine learning of the mental state to be detected, "out of the lab", use of a single EEG channel. The application consisted of an entertaining interaction with a virtual world inspired by the famous "Star Wars" movie. Subjects
more » ... " movie. Subjects were asked to control the takeoff and height of a virtual spaceship by using their motor-related brain activity. Results showed that, without training, roughly half of the subjects were able to control the application by using real foot movements and a quarter were able to control it by using imagined foot movements. Taken together, the results of subjective questionnaires stressed the importance of mental strategies and the need to provide subjects with a continuous and complete visual feedback, even when the non-control state is detected. In addition, the whole application appeared as enjoyable and motivating for the subjects.