Architecture design of grid GIS and its applications on image processing based on LAN*1

2004 Information Sciences  
Computer technology and its relative subjects developed at very high speed in recent years, so is geo-information science, including Geographic Information System (GIS), remote sensing (RS) and global position system (GPS). But with the increase of data, many data cannot be used efficiently because of the tremendous amount of data and information and the difficulty of process and transfer through network. So how to develop internet technology to solve these problems becomes a difficult problem
more » ... or current computer experts and geo-science experts. Fortunately, grid computing provides us the method to solve this problem effectively. Grid computing is a resources sharing model presented by computer experts to solve current network resources imbalance problem. Basing on the application of grid computing on geographical information system (GIS), q Sponsored by Chinese "this paper analyzes the weakness and problems of traditional GIS, and then gives the method to solve these problems with the technology provided by grid computing and web services. After analyzing the characteristic of grid computing this paper expatiates on current application status of grid computing on GIS and the problems it faces, with the technology of middleware, this paper presents the architecture of grid GIS and lists the techniques it needs. In conclusion, this paper concludes that the distributing middleware architecture based on grid geographic markup language (GridGML) and web services technique is a good solution to current problems, this architecture can also solve those problems such as effective resources sharing through internet and advancing international application's efficiency, at last we discuss its implementation process based on LAN.
doi:10.1016/j.ins.2003.10.004 fatcat:oupnsu4z5rehlhg2klfl2r7mtm