Research Review of Agricultural Product Traceability System Based on Blockchain Technology

Gong-Jian Zhou
2022 Asian Journal of Economics Business and Accounting  
With the frequent occurrence of domestic agricultural product safety accidents in China, consumers' trust in the quality and supply chain of agricultural products is gradually declining. Traceability, as a production control system that can connect all links of product circulation and manage undirected tracking of products, is of great significance to guarantee the quality and safety of products. In the traditional traceability system, there are problems of asymmetry, inaccuracy,
more » ... y and insecurity of information. Blockchain can provide powerful technical support for the construction of agricultural products traceability system by virtue of decentralization, transparency and openness, non-tamperability and distributed storage. Applying blockchain technology to agricultural products traceability can effectively protect the rights and interests of all members of the agricultural products supply chain and the general consumers. Based on the analysis of the concept and main features of blockchain, this paper summarizes the research and application progress of blockchain-based traceability system at home and abroad in recent years by studying the traceability mechanism of agricultural products. The advantages and challenges of the implementation of blockchain-based agricultural products traceability system are elaborated. It is hoped that this paper can provide useful references for the research and establishment of blockchain agricultural products traceability system.
doi:10.9734/ajeba/2022/v22i1930654 fatcat:mnqpdxluzngn3h4tiog5jhnmeu