Assessment of processes of transformation of land relations

2019 Zenodo  
The subject of research is theoretical and practical aspects of transformation of land relations. The purpose of the study is to reveal the specifics of the market transformation of land ownership. Research methods. The set of methods and approaches is used in the work, including the dialectical method of scientific knowledge, systematic, historical, method of data generalization, which allowed to ensure conceptual unity of research. Results of work. The specifics of the market transformation
more » ... land ownership, which is manifested in the presence of a large number of restrictions and the decisive role of state regulation, due to the special properties of land as a basic factor of production in the agrarian sector, are revealed. Unlike the prevailing one–sided characteristics in the economic literature of this process, it is proposed to consider the specifics of the market transformation of land ownership comprehensively, in the unity of such processes as liberalization and democratization of property, institutional and structural changes in the agricultural sector of the economy. Conclusions. The institutional framework of land regulation in Ukraine should consistently orient society to the strictly targeted use of agricultural land, socially, economically and environmentally attuned to the interests of the state methods and relations of their production exploitation, circulation and market. However, legislative effectiveness substantially reduces the absence in the composition or mechanisms of support for individual acts elaborated with the necessary clarity of procedures that mediate their practical implementation.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3526710 fatcat:tydxmzwovfhcblfrtoay5oubly