Tutorials and Keynote Speeches

2020 2020 International Conference on Communications, Computing, Cybersecurity, and Informatics (CCCI)  
To meet the needs for energy savings in Internet of Things (IoT) systems, solar energy has been increasingly exploited to serve as a green and renewable source to allow systems to better operate in an energy-efficient way. In this respect, accurate photovoltaics (PV) power output prediction is a prerequisite for any energy saving scheme employed in these systems. In this talk, I am going to discuss a unified training framework combined with the LightGBM algorithm to obtain a prediction model,
more » ... ich can provide short-term predictions of PV power output. Compared with the training in a single powerful machine, our proposed framework is more energy-efficient and fits into devices with limited computation and storage capabilities. The experimental results show that our proposed framework is superior to other benchmark machine learning algorithms. Simulation, with its experimentation and experience aspects, already provides solutions in a multitude of diverse application areas. Simulation is model based. From this fundamental aspect of simulation, emanated many other model-based disciplines. Progress continued and over 170 disciplines, methodologies, and approaches benefit of being simulationbased. Several "Grand challenges in M&S studies" exist. Some of the early challenges are currently part of the state-of-the-art of M&S. Bio Dr. Ören is a professor emeritus of computer science at the University of Ottawa, Canada. He has been involved with simulation since 1965. His PhD. is in Systems Engineering from the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ (1971). His research interests include: advancing methodologies for modeling and simulation; agent-directed simulation (including agent simulation, agent=supported simulation, and agent-monitored simulation), cognitive and emotive simulations (including modeling human personality, emotions, understanding, and computational awareness);reliability, failure avoidance;ethics; as well as • body of knowledge and terminology of modelling and simulation. He authored / co-authored over 550 publications, including 55 books and proceedings and has contributed to over 500 conferences and seminars held in 40 countries.
doi:10.1109/ccci49893.2020.9256572 fatcat:w2nvzf55wfh75nkhziz5hn64z4