The Effect of Matching between Odor and Color on Video Reality and Sense of Immersion
향과 색의 어울림이 영상 실감과 몰입감에 미치는 효과

Guk-Hee Lee, Hyung-Chul O. Li, Dongmin Bang, ChungHyun Ahn, MyungSeok Ki, ShinWoo Kim
2014 Journal of Broadcast Engineering  
It is common sense that providing specific odor can increase the video reality when video scene has an object having specific odor. However, people still do not know how to increase video reality and emotional immersion when there is no information on specific odor in the scene. So, present study explores how we improve video reality and immersion when the scene has no concrete odor information from some objects. Especially, this research focuses on diverse previous studies about matching
more » ... n odor and color and then we expect providing odor can increase video reality if the odor is well-matched with the video's color. To do this, we collected 48 odors and investigated which color was well-matched with each odor. As a result, we get 5 odors which had clearly well-matched colors and decide ill-matched colors of those 5 odors as complementary colors of well-matched colors (Experiment 1). After that, we organize 3 conditions such as coloring image and video clip with well-matched color (color-odor match condition), coloring those with ill-matched color (color-odor mismatch condition), and coloring those with achromatic color by removing color saturation (color-odor neutral condition). Under each of these three conditions, image-odor matching, increment of reality with the odor, increment of immersion with the odor, and odor preference are asked (Experiment 2; 3) . The results showed that the scores of all 4 questions in color-odor match condition were higher than color-odor mismatch condition and neutral condition. These results mean that providing matching odor with the scene's color in video is very effective to increase video reality and immersion. We expect experiencing better reality and immersion with olfactory information by adding various future research.
doi:10.5909/jbe.2014.19.6.877 fatcat:tvdlfxqmcrccfnvggsfss5qce4