) 4-11 The South African Optometrist

Matthew Oriowo
2009 unpublished
Purpose: To investigate the relative cytotoxic effects of contact lens multipurpose solutions on cultured crystalline lenses. Methods: A comparison of the fluorescence emission levels of cultured bovine lenses as affected by three hour experimental exposure to three contact lens multipurpose solutions (COMPLETE Mois-turePlus, AMO; OPTI-FREE Express, Alcon; and ReNu MultiPlus, Bausch & Lomb) was carried out. The pre-and post-exposure fluorescence levels of the lenses were obtained and values
more » ... compared to baseline and control measurements. Results: The solutions yielded varying degrees of cytotoxicity, demonstrating significant (p < 0.01) reversible reduction of cellular viability levels of the cultured crystalline lenses as revealed by the degree of fluorescence emissions in the following order (OPTI-FREE Express > ReNu MultiPlus > COMPLETE MoisturePlus multipurpose solutions). Conclusions: The results show that OPTI-FREE Express and ReNu MultiPlus solutions exhibited more cytotoxic effect compared to COMPLETE MoisturePlus solution. The findings support reports from previous clinical and laboratory studies. These results suggest that the in vitro approach herein presented would be a valuable system for relatively inexpensive and repeatable laboratory investigations of the possible ocular surface reactions of ophthal-mic solutions, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals at pre-and during commercial phases.