Inspective investigation on Atlantic pomfret (Brama raji)

Filippo Giarratana, Daniele Muscolino, Piergigi Ferrara, Antonio Panebianco
2013 Italian Journal of Food Safety  
The present study was carried out on 21 specimens of Brama raji collected at fish markets of Sicily and Calabria between april 2011 and march 2012. The detection of total Enterobacteriaceae, Vibrio spp. and Specific Spoilage Bacteria from gills, intestine, skin and muscle during storage (336h) was carried out. 34 Vibrio spp. (rpoA+) strains were isolated from gills and skin. The subsequent identification of species by multiplex PCR (gene collagenase) allowed to establish that 33 strains were V.
more » ... alginolyticus and one was V. parahaemolyticus. The anatomopathological examination of muscle tissue showed that 15 specimens (71.x4%) were positive for the presence of larvae of Gymnorhynchus gigas. The determination of TVB-N and TMA-N was made on muscle portions around the parasite, on larvae of G. gigas and on muscle portions parasite-free. The TVB-N and TMA-N contents of each sample were measured using the Conway microdiffusion method. The higher values of TVB-N (31.6 mg/100g) and TMA-N (8.5 mg/100g) were observed at 336 hours of storage. No statistically significant differences between muscle parasite-free and muscle around the parasite for TVB-N and TMA-N were observed during storage. Parasites of genus Koellikeria filicollis, Sphiriocephalus tergestinus and Anisakis spp. were also observed.
doi:10.4081/ijfs.2012.6.30 fatcat:v2pr4zre3rebpa5re7qdxs3rsq