Modification in Bi-Ag Lead-Free Solder-Bearing Alloying Elements

Rizk Mostafa Shalaby, Musaeed Allzeleh, Mustafa Kamal
The development of lead-free solder has an urgent task for material scientist due to health and environmental concerns over the lead content of traditional solders. The objective of this study is to examine Bi-Ag-rare earth (RE) element considered as one of the more attractive lead-free solders since it can easily replace Sn-Pb eutectic alloy with increasing soldering temperature while causes for high-temperature applications. In order to enhance the soldering properties of Bi-Ag alloys, a
more » ... eare earth (RE) element of Ho added into Bi-Ag alloys. The results indicated that the addition of RE led to the refining of coarse Bi-Ag grains, in the microstructure. The tensile strength, Hv and creep resistance increased with a decrease in melting point and electrical resistance. This paper brief the influences of rare earth alloying element and rapid solidification on both of the microstructure, intermetallic compounds, creep resistance, melting behavior, electrical resistance and mechanical behavior.
doi:10.24297/jap.v14i2.7471 fatcat:yc4zjvtqvve6vjir27blcu52gi