Antimicrobial activity of caseinate-based edible film incorporated with pomegranate peel extract on minced meat

Karami Moghadam, Emam-Djomeh
2017 Downloaded from at 7:56 IRDT on Monday May 21st 2018 JFST No. 67   unpublished
330 In this study, antibacterial activity of caseinate-based edible film incorporated with 0, 1, 1.5 and 2 ×MIC pomegranate peel extract was evaluated on veal minced meat during storage at refrigeration conditions (at 4 °C). In this study the antimicrobial effect of different films on staphylococcus aurous, lactic acid bacteria and total microorganisms population was studied. According to results the presence of caseinate sodium alone has no effect on the growth of any of the microbial species
more » ... tudied in this research and total microbial population was observed about the 3/5 log CFU / g for all control and antimicrobial samples. Although the sensitivity of gram-positive bacteria to antimicrobial agents is very high but the lactic acid bacteria show high resistance to the polyphenolic compounds in pomegranate peel extract.