Multistage infrared emitters based on InAsSb strained layers grown by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition

R.M. Biefeld, A.A. Allerman, S.R. Kurtz, K.C. Baucom
1998 Conference on Optoelectronic and Microelectronic Materials and Devices. Proceedings (Cat. No.98EX140)  
We report on the metal-organic chemical vafir deposition (MOCVD) of mid-infrared InAaSb multistage emitters using a hlgb speed rotating dkk reactor. The devices contain AIAsSb ctaddi~and almined InAaSb active regions. These emitters have multistage, type~InAsSb/inAaP quantum well active regions. A semi-metal GaAaSbfh4.v layer acts as an internal electron source for the multistage injection lasers and AIAsSb is tbe electron confinement layer. These structures are #e first MOCVD multistage
more » ... D multistage devices. Broadband LED's produced 2 mW average power at 3.7 gm and 80 K and 0.1 mW at 4.3 ym and 300K. A multistage, 3.8-3.9 pm laser structure operated up to T=180 K. At 80 & peak-power> 100 mW/facet and a bigb slope-efficiency (48%) were observed in these gain guided lasers.
doi:10.1109/commad.1998.791582 fatcat:wevozb3yhrbedgkvpc5ukiykbi