Developing Intelligent Child Protection and Security Systems

2020 International journal for research in engineering application & management  
In present time, the security and safety aspect of a school going children is of main concern and paramount importance. In India, many children are found to be missing and yield to road accidents because of lack of preventive safety measures. Parents are always concerned about their children during commute. This project proposes an Raspberry pi based intelligent solution to assist parents in real time to track their children location. In order to track the location and find the identity of the
more » ... hild a AI thinker and camera is used in the proposed system. The system uses Raspberry pi as main microcontroller. The project also proposes safety systems such as person identification, Geofacing and automatically ON and OFF system using thumb impression. The working prototype model of the developed system exhibits good accuracy with reduced computational time. By incorporating all those above features, we can assure the safety and security of every school children.
doi:10.35291/2454-9150.2020.0258 fatcat:rj5kebn7nzfwxfwrjwi4avahha