Estimation of genetic parameters for body measurements and their association with yearling liveweight in the Makuie sheep breed

S Jafari, A Hashemi
2014 South African Journal or Animal Science  
The body measurements data of 2144 lambs from 122 sires and 984 dams recorded during 24 years from 1989 to 2012 at Makuie Sheep Breeding Station (MSBS) were used to estimate the genetic parameters of body measurementsin Makuie sheep breed. The used traits in present study were: height at withers (HW), height at rump (HR), body length (BL), heart girth (HG), leg circumference (LC) and yearling weight (YW). The estimations were done by using DFREML software. Direct heritabilities by single trait
more » ... es by single trait analysis were estimated 0.20 for HW, 0.24 for HR, 0.10 for BL, 0.14 for HG, 0.02 for LC and 0.36 for YW. Using bivariate analysis, additive genetic correlations were estimated 0.56, 0.58, 0.81, 0.79 and 0.68 between HW, HR, HG, BL, LC and YW, respectively. Six different animal models were fitted for all traits.The log likelihood ratio test (LRT) was used to selection of appropriate model. Based on LRT the direct additive genetic and maternal permanent environmental effects were considered as the main source of variation in the studied traitsand hence, modest rates of genetic progress were possible for the studied traits.
doi:10.4314/sajas.v44i2.6 fatcat:gdiiizqtabd6dkzkojuzsawsie