The Reinterpretation and its Prospect about Resentment Solution and Coexistence in The 4th Industrial Revolution Era
4차 산업혁명 시대에 있어서 해원상생의 재해석과 지평

Bang-ryong Kim
2017 The Journal of Daesoon Academy of Sciences  
This paper critically examines the role and function of religion prior to the full-out advent of the 4th industrial revolution. We can understand 'The vision of Daesoon Jinrihoe (大巡眞理會)' as a mission to foresee and create a prospective figure for a future society in the person of the Lord on High, Jeungsan (甑山) as a religious dimension. However, the existence ground of religion relies on giving positive meaning to the present time after reinterpreting religious doctrine to reflect changing
more » ... flect changing realities. Jeungsan (甑山) said that the age to come is 'the age of the human majesty (人尊)'. This means that humans will take the lead and control the revolution of scientific technology to progress and benefit humanity. Problems such as 'human alienatio', 'increased polarization', and 'destruction of the environment' still arise and deepen because the motive of 'the Industrial Revolution' was built upon 'knowledge' within the context of a Knowledge-* 충남대학교 교수, E-mail: (解冤相生)' in order to cure the alienation and conflict.
doi:10.25050/jdaos.2017.29.0.37 fatcat:ysvdo54yxvdlthkv225kxg6c6m