Managers' decisions and strategic actions of enterprises in Poland in the face of digital transformation

Bogusława Ziółkowska
2020 Ekonomia i Prawo.  
Motivation: Digitalisation as a continuous process of convergence of the real and virtual worlds is becoming the main driving force for innovations and changes in most sectors of the economy. What is especially important is that current changes are radical, and in some cases even disruptive, bringing completely different values to market players and consumers. In order to cope with these changes, individual enterprises and whole sectors, public administration, society and national economies
more » ... ional economies need to undertake digital transformation. Aim: The aim of the article is to indicate areas of activity in which information technologies are most often implemented in enterprises in Poland as well as managers' strategic approach to this problem in the face of digital transformation. Results: In order to assess the degree of enterprises' engagement in the process of implementing modern information technologies, a survey was conducted. The survey questionnaire consisted of a dozen questions concerning the perception of the issue of digital transformation and its inclusion into key strategic and organisational documents, enterprises' readiness to implement modern technologies, organisational culture, ICT use and achieved effectiveness. Digitalisation of the economy and society is one of the most dynamic changes of our times, opening up new opportunities to create business models, while bringing uncertainty and various threats connected, among other things, with social consequences of the automation of production processes and security in a broad sense. The paper presents the level of Polish enterprises' engagement in the process of digital transformation and shows how the progress in terms of implementation of modern ICT.
doi:10.12775/eip.2020.053 fatcat:lrx33jevyrhi7earenwqc5rtdi