Research on parametric model for polycaprolactone nanofiber produced by centrifugal spinning

Jun Sun, Zhiming Zhang, Binbin Lu, Shunqi Mei, Qiao Xu, Fang Liu
2018 Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering  
Nanofiber has received great attention from the scientists because of its unique properties in recent years. The previous preparations of nanofiber have some problems that scientists hope to solve. There are many ways to fabricate nanofiber, but a new method named centrifugal spinning is a better method. The centrifugal spinning uses centrifugal force to produce nanofiber. This way is a more appropriate efficient method to produce nanofiber because the production efficiency of the centrifugal
more » ... inning is higher than that of other methods. Therefore, it is also fitter for commercial production with no need for high voltage. The centrifugal spinning has overcome many disadvantages of previous methods. This paper introduces the equipment of centrifugal spinning and compares the centrifugal spinning with other methods. Then this paper describes the principle of centrifugal spinning and analyzes the forces of the material. According to the process of centrifugal spinning, this paper establishes a parametric model to better illustrate the approach. Besides, the factors affecting the diameter and morphology of nanofiber are also analyzed. The results show that there are many factors affecting the nanofiber morphology, such as the viscosity, concentration, rotating speed and the distance of the collecting device. The basic experimental platform was constructed and the preliminary centrifugal spinning experiment was carried out.
doi:10.1007/s40430-018-1131-7 fatcat:jmygefq4cbbgdmh2qdwx4wbfni