Precipitate assemblies formed on dislocation loops in aluminium-silver-copper alloys

Julian M. Rosalie, Laure Bourgeois, Barry C. Muddle
2009 Philosophical Magazine  
The precipitation microstructure of the \gamma' (AlAg2) intermetallic phase has been examined in aluminium-silver-copper alloys. The microstructure developed in an Al-0.90at.%Ag-0.90at.%Cu alloy was significantly different from that reported for binary Al-Ag alloys. The orientation relationship between the matrix and precipitate was unchanged; however, the \gamma' phase formed as aggregates with a two-dimensional open assemblies. Each such assembly contained two variants of the \gamma' phase
more » ... ernately arranged to form a faceted elliptical unit. The \theta' (Al2Cu) phase formed on these assemblies after further ageing. The faceted elliptical assembly morphology has not been previously reported for the \gamma' precipitate. The change in precipitation behaviour was attributed to copper modifying the as-quenched defect structure of the matrix. This precipitation morphology clarifies earlier observations on the precipitate number density and mechanical properties of aluminium-silver-copper alloys.
doi:10.1080/14786430903066959 fatcat:l2ln4xmmjvhlhn33jbhkk276wi