Fabrication of Strong and Ductile AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Using High Strain Rate Multiple Forging in a Wide Temperature Range

Yuanzhi Wu, Bin Deng, Tuo Ye, Zhicheng Nie, Xiao Liu
2020 Metals  
High strain rate multiple forging (HSRMF) was successfully carried out on AZ31 magnesium alloy at a temperature range of 250–400 °C, and the microstructure, texture and mechanical properties were examined. Full recrystallized structure developed at a relatively lower strain due to the twining induced dynamic recrystallization (TDRX) mechanism, which is also responsible for the feasibility of HSRMF deformation at relative low temperature. The average grain sizes of the alloys high strain rate
more » ... tiple forged (HSRMFed) to the accumulated strain of = 1.32 increased from 7.07 to 9.99 μm as the temperature ranged from 250 to 400 °C, i.e., the grain sizes of the HSRMFed alloy were less sensitive to temperature. The weakened basal texture characteristic of titled or double peak achieved was ascribed to the alteration of forging direction. The HSRMFed alloys demonstrated both excellent strength (UTS > 300 MPa) and good ductility (δ > 20%), which resulted from the combined effects of grain refinement and weakened basal texture. Therefore, HSRMF was an efficient technique to produce strong and ductile wrought AZ31 alloy.
doi:10.3390/met10060729 fatcat:likb5p7gyfdjdnvkb4skkhi5cu