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1897 Scientific American  
J citutific �tUtricau. RECENTLY PATENTED INVENTIONS. I them to cling together. The device has a lower wedge- Engineering. shaped seed chamber, through which a plunger or slide the top, tne air In operation fiowing down through the casmg as it acts on the fans. The great amount of sur face presented by tbe several fans is designed to enable the mill to do good work in a light breeze. NEW BOOKS, ETC. A NEW WORK ON MECHANICAL DRAW ING. Easy lessons in mechanical drawing and machine design, ar·
more » ... ed for self-imtruction. By J. G. A. Meyer. To be issued in 24 quarto parts of about 32 pages each. First and second part" issued. New York: Arnold Publishing House. Price 50 cents each part. I is adapted to be pushed, forcing open a hinged plate and CE NTER BLAST PIPE FURNACE.-depositing theseed in the ground,the movement of the Charles Johnson, Rutland, Vt. The center blast pipe plunger also rotating a stirrer m an upper seed cham of this furnace is formed in sections with tuyere open-ber adapted to carry a supply of seed, the feed be ings between them, the pipe having at its top a perfor-ing positive with each up and down movement of the ated cap and a safety device for preventing the molten plunger. NON-REFILLABLE BOTTLE. -William metal from passing througb the tuyere openings and lllillcellaneOIiIl. perforr.tions. Complete combustion of the fuel is in sured around and over the cap by forcing air and oxygen through the cap, and the molten metal will be allowed to C AN WASHING MACHINE . -F. A run out of the furnace rather than pass into the center Seuffert, the Dalles, Oregon. For tboroughly and auto blast pipe, should the attendant fail to draw the metal at matically cleaning cans after they are filled with fisb, the prope, time. The air also keeps the safety apparatus preserves, etc., this machine is made with two oppo cool, and allows the operator to see into the cupola at sit. ely arranged brushes witb their adjacent runs rotating all times. in opposite directions, between wbich the cans are S. Hannaford, 312 North Marengo Avenue, Pasadena, Cal. This mventor h •• devised a bottle which cannot be opened and refilled WIthout mutilating the bot. tle, the bottle to be used to prevent fraudulent imitations of genuine gOOds. In addition to using a cork, a fiange sur rounds the neck of the bottle and 18 connected thereto by a relatively weak sectiun, a cap being inserted in the opening, and having internal automatic lockinll' means by which its withdrawal is prevented. The cap cannot be released without breaking the fiangb. The name of Mr. Meyer, formerly associate editor of the American Machinist, is a guarantee of the complete ness of this undertaking. The numbers issued are ex. cellent examples of line elU(1'aving of machine drawings with figured details. The text will furnish full details Ker� ten. in elementary mechanics, graphic st.tics, strength of ma Richmond, Va. This invention" moeltine for terlal and useful data for designing simple and compound soaking and sterilizmg bottles, and to facilitate thor· .team engines, boilers and gearing. It is a valuable work oughly cleaning them both on the inside and on the for the .tudent, as well as for workmen who are am outside. It comprises a tank adapted to receive a Clean-I bitious to get at the head in their h&ndicraft.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican05291897-348a fatcat:rxauexhsrrggpc5vlcchtsfgva