Miscellaneous Inventions

1884 Scientific American  
A byd raulic thrust block for propeller �hafts has been patented by Mr. William Cousins, of New York ci ty. It is constructed with a piston attach ed to the shaft, in a cyli nder supplied at both ends with warer by a force pnmp through pipes with valves opened by the movement of the piston, so the thrust of tbe shaft will be sustained by a water cusbion, the es cape of water around the shaft being prevented at each end of the cylinder by packing rings. A steam boiler bas been patented by Mr.
more » ... patented by Mr. Benjamin F. Wrigbt, of Oneida, Kansas. 'fhis inven tion covers a special construction of boiler in which a cylindrical fi re box is entirely surrounded by water, and the gaspJl, smoke, and heated air from the fire are driven directly through lhe water in the boiler without the aid of fiues, the object being to prevent the escape and loss of heat, and secure a higher degree of econo my in combustion, wbile preventing sparks. An adjustable crank sbaft has been patent ed by Mr. Edward Barrath, of Brooklyn, N. Y. The shaft section s have upon their adjacent ends heads with eccentric female screws having different diame ters and reverse screw threads, the male screws having oblong opening" to receive the ends of tbe crank, the screws having exterior and interior screw threads to screw into the female screws of thc heads, and upon the ends of the crank, and the crank having oblong ends and male screw threads, so the crank can be readily adjusted and w ill be securely held. A nut lock has been patented by Mr. Jacob C. McAfee, of Dallas, We,t Va. The invention con sists in making tbe recess for the threaded block en· tirp.ly through the n u t, and the threaded block of the same thickness as the nut, and combining with it a wedge whicn is driven In behind the block. An oil cup haR been patented by Me&srs. Edward Mancort and Cbarles Tbirion, of Np.w York city. A diagonat passage is provided for, with a spin· Gle set in line therewith, with otber novel features, to prevent all varying of tbe fiow after the spindle is once properly set to secure the desired feed of oil. A means for connecting loom shuttle bind er s to shuttle boxes has been patented· by Mr. Luman D. Bennett, of Jewett City, Conn. This invention pro vides a simple and efficient detachable joint, which al lows of the binner being readily taken out or replaced, and in which the binder pivot shall be locked or held securely in its eye or socket when the binder is in its working position. A chest for tools has been patented by Mr. John F. Zimmerman, of Washin gton Center, Mo. In combination with a chest and its lid is a series of trays, connected with each other and with the cllest and its lid, so that when the lid of the chest is swung up and back the trays' will be swung up and backward; a hinged front ie also provided for, on the back of which a box Is formed, so connected with the trays that it swings out when the trays swing up. A clutch bas been patented by Mr. Edward Barrath, of Brooklyn, N. Y. It is designed for presses and other machinery, and is especiall y for use where the clutches are to work both ways, the clutch bar oe_ ing placed in a groove in a shaft and in recesses in collars attached to the shaft, pivoted at its ends to a link and lever, and connected at one end with a spiral spring to raise it into gear with the grooved pulley hub, with other novel features. ••• AGRICULTURAL INVENTIONS. A cane planting machine has been patented by Mr. Charles Coleman, of Honolulu, Oahu, Sandwich hland.. Tbis invention cover. an improvement on a former patent issued to tbe same inventor, simplifying the constrnction of the machine, and rendering it more reliable in operation.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican09061884-154c fatcat:uxfmnxvd5bg5revewzll2inkxa