Polymorphisms in Genes Involved in Steroidogenesis in the Development of Severe Acne

Alexander G. Rumyantsev, Olga M. Dеmina
2021 International Journal of Biomedicine  
Acne is a multifactorial disease, in the pathogenesis of which one of the leading factors is the excessive effect of androgens on the hair follicles (HFs) and sebaceous glands (SGs), along with hypersecretion of sebum, pathological follicular hyperkeratosis and an inflammatory response. The search for genotypic markers in patients with varying severity of acne is a difficult task due to the multifactorial pathogenesis and the role of trigger factors in the formation of acne. The aim of this
more » ... y was to determine SNPs within 3 genes involved in steroidogenesis (MVK, ARPC1B, and CA2) in patients with severe acne. Methods and Results: The study included 70 patients (42 men and 28 women) aged between 15 and 46 years (the median age - 22.1 years). The main group (MG) included 50 patients (29 men and 21 women) with severe acne. The control group (CG) consisted of 20 apparently healthy individuals (13 men and 7 women). Molecular-genetic diagnostics was carried out by the method of high-throughput DNA sequencing (next-generation sequencing). Our study showed that severe acne is associated with 12 polymorphic loci of the MVK gene (4 SNPs in exons and 8 SNPs in introns), 7 SNPs of the ARPC1B gene (2 SNPs in exons and 5 SNPs in introns), and 9 SNPs of the CA2 gene (3 SNPs in exons and 6 SNPs in introns). Conclusion: The revealed features of the SNPs within the MVK, ARPC1B, and CA2 genes in patients with severe acne probably indicate a hereditary determination of steroidogenesis in acne.
doi:10.21103/article11(3)_oa4 fatcat:6or4fv6xlvdyzbxky43a3p4xda