Expression of CD44 and CD24 in tumor tissue from patients with prostate cancer

Ю. В. Жильчук, В. С. Сакало, В. М. Григоренко, А. В. Сакало, Т. В. Задворний, М. Ю. Лук'янова, В. Ф. Чехун
2016 Health of Man  
The aim was to evaluate the prognostic value CD44 and CD24 stem cells of tumor markers in prostate tissue after radical prostatectomy in 102 patients with prostate cancer. Immunohistochemical study (IHC) expression of CD24 and CD44 in primary antibodies using monoclonal antibodies (clone SN3b, Thermo Scientific, USA), and CD44/HCAM (clone 156 3C11, Diagnostic BioSystems, USA). The positive expression of CD24 and CD44 was considered the number of immunopositive cells for more than 10%. To
more » ... than 10%. To visualize the results of IHC reagents used EnVision system (Dako LSAB2 system, Denmark). Histological sections were stained with Mayer's hematoxylin. The results are analyzed using an optical microscope XSP 137 BP (firm JNOEC, Ч200 400). The correlation between the expression of CD24 and CD44, and stage of disease. When PSA levels >15 ng/mL was an increase expression markers. There was a correlation between expression CD44+ and CD24 , and the emergence of biochemical recurrence (r=0,4; p<0,05). Determination of cells in the tumor tissue markers CD44+CD24 /low can be additional criterion for prognosis of prostate cancer.
doi:10.30841/2307-5090.4(59).2016.104478 doaj:194f4dbae83b43d69699b2c03d69a623 fatcat:v4ms6azcjjhqpbh3hxtft2otrm