Design and simulation of Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) supported by solar panels

Omar Antonio-Lara, Pedro Martín García-Vite, Rafael Castillo-Gutiérrez, Hermenegildo Cisneros-Villegas
2021 Journal of Research and Development  
This work presents the design and simulation of a Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) to mitigate power quality problems such as voltage sags and swells at sensitive loads to these types of disturbances, but with a compensation topology using one the most popular of the renewable energies, currently employed, which is photovoltaic solar energy. The DVR must operate with a control loop, monitoring the voltage at the load side and generating the voltage for compensation during the disturbances. The
more » ... rgy is obtained, from an array of solar panels for the injection of active power. The control algorithm discussed in this article is based on the Clark and Park transformations to generate the required signals for voltage compensation, these mathematical techniques allow fixing the variables and hence simplicity for the controller design. The results of the simulation in MATLAB/Simulink are used to show the performance of the proposed topology with symmetrical voltage sags in the distribution system.
doi:10.35429/jrd.2021. fatcat:pdwv5thawbbb3pqqx3fh6s7lna