The management of nearby public care facilities in Algeria between equity and efficiency-Case of EPSP in the East sanitary region La gestion des structures de soins de proximité en Algérie entre équité et efficience-Cas des EPSP dans la région sanitaire Est

N Aissaoui, & Hamaizia²
2017 unpublished
The restructuring of the basic health care structures represented by basic health care facilities in Algeria, in accordance with Executive Decree 07/140 of 19 May 2007, could have both positive and negative effects: as positive effects, we mention the Bringing diverse health services closer to the citizen. As for the negative effects, this Executive Decree has removed the basic health care facilities from its primary role, which is prevention. Among the results of our case study on the 7
more » ... udy on the 7 wilayas of East sanitary region: we note inequalities in the health needs, and inequalities in the means allocated to cover these needs, between the communes of the same wilaya, and between the wilayas themselves.