Selective Cytotoxic Effects of Annona Squamosa Leaves against Breast Cancer Cells via Apoptotic Signaling Proteins [post]

Rawan Al-Nemari, Abir Ben Bacha, Abdulrahman Al-Senaidy, Maha Arafah, Hadel Al-Saran, Nael Abutaha, Abdelhabib Semlali
2020 unpublished
: Annona squamosa L. is an important medicinal plant used in traditional medicine for the treatment of various diseases. Different parts of A. squamosa L. have various therapeutic effects; however, the anticancer activity of the leaves has not yet been identified. In vitro, MTT, nuclear staining, and LDH assays were used to evaluate cell survival and proliferation in cells exposed to the extracts. The effect of the extracts on cell migration was investigated using a monolayer wound repair
more » ... wound repair assay, and the apoptotic effects were evaluated using flow cytometry. A breast cancer model was used to study the effect of the extract on the tumor size, and the expression of different proliferative and apoptotic markers was evaluated by immunohistochemical analysis. At a concentration of 100 µg/mL, A. squamosa leaf extracts exerted strong antiproliferative and cytotoxic effects against various cell lines. The extracts reduced wound closure and strongly induced apoptosis. In vivo study, rats were sacrificed 24 h after the last injection, and tumor size, as well as the expression of proliferative and apoptotic markers, were observed to be greatly affected by treatment with the extracts. Therefore, A. squamosa leaf extract may be developed as a potential novel drug to treat breast cancer in the future
doi:10.20944/preprints202005.0212.v1 fatcat:mgs67caqbvgrli7fkxoc2rstlu