H(t Vector,t)H scattering at low energies. [Differential cross sections, vector analyzing powers, 1. 26 to 3. 71 MeV cm] [report]

R.F. Jr. Haglund, D. Fick, P.A. Schmelzbach, G.G. Ohlsen, N. Jarmie, R.E. Brown
1977 unpublished
We present angular distributions of the differential cross section and vector analyzing power for H + t elastic scattering, at center-of-mass energies 1.26, 5.68,2,19, 2.70, 3.21, and 3.71 MeV. A preliminary phase-shift analysis of the data confirms the importance of the odd-parity tensor and even-parity spin-orbit nucleon-nucleon forces in model calculations for the 'He system in this energy range. I. INTRODUCTION The high symmetry of the *He nucleus makes it an object of considerable
more » ... nsiderable theoretical and experimental interest. In particular, the symmetries of the nuclear wave functions for the excited states of 4 He allow us to draw inferences about individual components of the nuctaon-nucleon interaction. In this report, we present experimental data and a preliminary analysis bearing on the even-parity spin-orbit and odd-parity tensor components of the internucleon forco. Foldy and Walecka have shown 1 that the negative-parity excited states of'He (see Fig. 1 ) can be viewed as the [15]-dimensional representation of SU(4) in Wigrier's supermultiplet theory.* This degenerate supermultiplet is split by the spindependent parts of the nucleon-nucleon interac- tion-namely, the spin-orbit force, the tensor force, and the difference between singlet and triplet central forces.* In the present work, we shill be concerned primarily with the 0", T » 0 level f21.1 MeV) and the 2", T = 0 level (22.1 MeV)* which are split by a delicate balance between the tensui "Jid spinorbit forces.* -NOTICEreport «> prepirii. m iccoont of work roonlcrri by the United SuteJ Government. Neither tSe "™ed Sure, nor the United Sute. Energy KMeucn «nd Developmenl Aomiruilniion. nor iny of Ita employe... ..or .ny of Iheir «m!nrtcr.. "ubconmtton. or their employee., nuke. urn Mrnnly. «pr«" or implird. o, »-» «V "«•> liability or (WforaibLily Tor the .ccujacy, completeneu or u«fulne» of »ny ir.form.tion. •ptair.lu.. produn or pDKcn aUdoto, or npiaenli t in. wouU not infrinje pri^tely owned rljM.. "Havar is the trade name for a cobalt "superalloy" manufactured by Hamilton Technology, Inc., Lancaster, Pa. Kapton is a polyizride film made by E. I. duPont ae Nemours and Company, Wilmington, DE.
doi:10.2172/7310468 fatcat:hx3opotlnrd27o427ddtmpupgi