Implementing Boolean Functions in Hybrid Digital-Analog Systems

Vivek Kohar, Behnam Kia, John F. Lindner, William L. Ditto
2017 Physical Review Applied  
We propose an architecture to implement multi−input one−output Boolean functions using chaos computing in hybrid digital-analog systems consisting of a digital block of conventional AND gates and a nonlinear circuit. This architecture efficiently utilizes the super-stable initial conditions of a nonlinear circuit and enables us to implement all possible 2 2 m Boolean functions of m data inputs in just m iterations of the nonlinear circuit resulting in better operating speed and noise tolerance.
more » ... In an ideal nonlinear map, this architecture eliminates the need for a decoder as the outputs are mapped to maxima and minima of the map and can be fed directly to the next stage enabling multilayer concatenation. We demonstrate the utility of this architecture in a 3−transistor circuit.
doi:10.1103/physrevapplied.7.044006 fatcat:xg6kh6bohzctpdmssccnetw62y