Tiling spaces are inverse limits

Lorenzo Sadun
2003 Journal of Mathematical Physics  
Let M be an arbitrary Riemannian homogeneous space, and let Omega be a space of tilings of M, with finite local complexity (relative to some symmetry group Gamma) and closed in the natural topology. Then Omega is the inverse limit of a sequence of compact finite-dimensional branched manifolds. The branched manifolds are (finite) unions of cells, constructed from the tiles themselves and the group Gamma. This result extends previous results of Anderson and Putnam, of Ormes, Radin and Sadun, of
more » ... llissard, Benedetti and Gambaudo, and of G\"ahler. In particular, the construction in this paper is a natural generalization of G\"ahler's.
doi:10.1063/1.1613041 fatcat:aqojda5rd5ht7ox66a4vy2ic6u