Importance of Grammar in ESP

O. Syvak
2018 Science and Education a New Dimension  
This article examines whether grammar is really vital while teaching ESP. At least two aspects have been taken into consideration: first, students' perception of grammar, i.e., most of them associate grammar with long and boring exercises practicing English tenses, sets of rules as well as exceptions to the rules; the second one refers to communication that is seen as the application of grammatical rules in oral and written practices. The author supposes that efficient communication cannot take
more » ... place without the correct usage of grammar. Grammar knowledge plays important roles in cultivating grammar competence, especially for ESP learning. Teachers should support ESP students to use effective learning strategies that transform them into autonomous learners who are able to take control and master the language. Introduction. The ever-growing demand facing professional communicators in the 21st century as well as the fast changing business environment set new challenges to language learners and teachers. Competitive companies attempt to recruit employees who have excellent linguistic competence coupled with nonlinguistic competences and skills. The ability to perform the grammar knowledge in the language skills, such as reading, speaking, listening and writing, is necessary in ESP teaching. That is why grammar in ESP class is still essential element. Teaching grammar is not easy especially in ESP class in which class hours are limited. Grammar learning strategies should be highlighted in ESP learning, which is usually paid little attention by ESP teachers and learners. This study is expected to give ESP teachers and learners some useful suggestions. ESP lecturer should find not only effective but also efficient teaching strategies to teach grammar. Review of publications on the subject. There have been different opinions and attitudes concerning the importance and role of grammar in the learning-teaching process. The teaching of grammar has always been controversial, especially under the influence of the communicative approach [1; 6]. Some researchers [5; 15] feel that the grammar of the language does not necessarily help learners to use the language. However, Tarone [12] and Rutherford [10] argue that grammar should be taught, because without some understanding of grammar students would not be able to communicate efficiently in English. The suggestion being made, then, is that teachers must somehow teach the grammar of the language, for this is central to language use. Accordingly, the aim of this paper is to highlight the role of grammar in ESP classes as well as to present various techniques which can be employed by material designers to present grammar to students in the most acceptable and interesting manner in ESP classes. Methods of research are determined by the aim of this article. General scientific methods such as analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, and generalization are employed to provide a systematic review of the literature and to determine the types of intentions that compose the speaker's general intention. Discussion. English plays a significant role in the contemporary modern life. It is already accepted by everyone that English is the most powerful source for technical progress and development. Students of technical universities should master all English skills for their professional communication. Efficient professional communication cannot take place without correct usage of grammar. Ignoring 50
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