The Physician's Role in Preventing Obesity

2004 Virtual Mentor  
Greenland P, VanItallie TB. The escalating pandemics of obesity and sedentary lifestyle. A call to action for clinicians. Arch Intern Med. 2004;164:249-58. Curiously, we live in a time when Americans find themselves busier than ever before and yet fatter than ever before. Our society has placed emphasis on getting things done more quickly and efficiently, often at the expense of a lifestyle that includes routine physical exertion. Exercise-related activities are not a priority or even of
more » ... ry concern for many. I can sympathize; I was a busy fat kid. Sports and exercise-related activities were neither discouraged nor encouraged in my household. In part, my lack of participation in sports or fitness activities was the choice of someone who, not naturally athletic, didn't desire the embarrassment that can come from playing with others who are more skilled. The other reason is that I was talented in other ways-musically, academically, creatively-and outlets to foster their development took priority, leaving little time for more athletic pursuits. While my pediatrician discussed with me the problems of being overweight, we never plotted out a concrete course for weight loss.
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