Comorbid Mental Disorders in Anxiety Disorders: Genetic Aspects of Bipolar Disorders and of Ethnicity [chapter]

Yun-Hsuan Chang, Sheng-Yu Lee, Ru-Band Lu
2016 New Developments in Anxiety Disorders  
Anxiety disorder (AD) is commonly comorbid with other mental illness. It could be a state or trait, controversially. Evidence for an association between alcoholism and anxiety has emerged from clinical studies of patients with alcoholism, and those of patients with anxiety disorders. Alcohol dependence (or abuse) as well as bipolar disorder (BP) is usually comorbid with anxiety disorder and/or depressive disorder, which often coexist and are difficult to distinguish from one another. However,
more » ... another. However, in Han Chinese population, the comorbidity rate either with alcoholism or bipolar disorder was not reported as much high as reported in Caucasians, this finding of comorbidity between anxiety/depressive disorders and alcohol dependence (or abuse) or/and bipolar disorders, possibly at the genetic level, makes the differentiation of their categorical diagnoses in the association study vitally important. Abbreviations AD: anxiety disorder ALDH2: aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 ANX/DEP ALC: anxiety/depression alcoholism BDNF: brain-derived neurotrophic factor BP: bipolar disorder DOPAC: 3,4-dihydroxyphenylacetic acid DOPAL: 3,4-dihydroxyphenylacetaldehyde DRD2: dopamine D2 receptor DRD3: dopamine D3 receptor GAD: generalized anxiety disorder PTSD: post-traumatic stress disorder PD: panic disorder OCD: obsession compulsive disorder MAOA: monoamine oxidase A
doi:10.5772/66117 fatcat:e3awtwyowfc55i43xjsv5jvcra