Insects Fauna (Coleoptera and Orthopteroidea) of Mt. Gyemyeong, Chungju-si
충주시 계명산 일대의 딱정벌레목과 메뚜기상목 곤충상

Jin Ill, Kyung Duk HAN, Tae Woo KIM
2004 Korean Journal of Nature Conservation  
We SUlVeyed on the Coleoptera and Orthopter0idea fauna of Mt. Gyemyeongsan in Summer, 2003. πley were composed of 181 species, 38 families in Coleoptera and 37 species, 11 families in Orthopteroidea. Characteristics of seasonal and geographical distribution of those at the Mt. Gyemyeongsan were disαlSsed on the present situation.
doi:10.30960/kjnc.2004.2.1_2.111 fatcat:obefn63e2jdg3hlgtppdqjqyty