Lignin Valorization: Concentration of Model Phenolic Compounds by Nanofiltration

Elson Dinis Gomes, P. C. R. Pinto, Alírio E. Rodrigues
2018 U Porto Journal of Engineering  
Lignin is a biopolymer found in plants which can be valorized as a source of value added compounds by breaking its structure in the constituting monomers. A model solution was prepared with seven phenolic compounds, including vanillin and syringaldehyde, usually found after alkaline lignin oxidation. The model solution was concentrated by nanofiltration membranes with low molecular weight cut-off (MWCO). Two membranes (DOW NF270 and KOCH MPS-34) were tested for permeate fluxes and phenolic
more » ... s and phenolic compound rejection. Significant reduction of the volume mixture was achieved with high permeate fluxes as well as high rejections (above 90%) for the phenolic compounds studied. The membrane with the best performance was the DOW NF270 with maintained high rejections while having higher permeate fluxes resulting in higher productivity when compared with the other membrane KOCH MPS-34 also tested.
doi:10.24840/2183-6493_003.001_0007 fatcat:apz7cmdw2zbfraeyshked6ugma