A comparative study of clinical presentation, surgical procedures and complications of primary vaginal hydroces [dataset]

Iosr Journals, Dr.S.NagaMuneiah, Dr.Bhanu Bharat Naik, Dr.P.Sabitha, DrG.V.Prakash
2015 Figshare  
"Primary vaginal hydrocele is defined as abnormal accumulation of serous fluid in tunica vaginalis." It is one of commonest disease occurring worldwide. The common complications observed during the surgery of hydrocele are bleeding, injury to the cord structures and epididymis, torsion of the testis due to faulty positioning during surgery. There are many number of types of operations performed for hydrocele, which needs comparision to select best of them. Aims And Objectives Of Study: 1. To
more » ... dy various surgical procedures of hydrocele management. 2. To assess postoperative complications, morbidity associated with different surgical procedures. 3. To analyse the simplicity, expenditure & effectiveness of different procedures. 4. To follow up the case for postoperative complications and its management. Materials And Methods: A study was carried out in sixty patients of idiopathic primary vaginal hydrocele on the patients at Sri Venkateswara Ramnarayana Ruia government general hospital. The cases were admitted between October 2010 and October 2012. Summary: This study consists of operative treatment of primary vaginal hydrocele by various surgical techniques like Lord's plication, Jaboulay's procedure, radical excision of sac and Jhawar and Sharma technique for the period of 24 months from Conclusion: Lord's plication, Jhawar and Sharma techniques in comparison to conventional methods are much easier and simpler in technique, consume less time. They can be done through a small incision and as the sac is not stripped from the surrounding scrotal tissues, cause minimal bleeding, postoperative haematoma does not occur and consequently disruption of wound etc., can be prevented.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.1570909.v1 fatcat:d2bnvrxsg5fktl3i6npqh6ca2u