Supplementary material to "Behaviour of KCl sorbent traps and KCl trapping solutions used for atmospheric mercury speciation: stability and specificity" [post]

Jan Gačnik, Igor Živković, Sergio Ribeiro Guevara, Radojko Jaćimović, Jože Kotnik, Gianmarco De Feo, Matthew A. Dexter, Warren T. Corns, Milena Horvat
2021 unpublished
Equation S1 was applied for calculation of both A0 (activity at reference time) of the sample and A0 of the 12 standard. The recoveries were calculated using Equation S2. 15 Equation S2 16 = 0, 0, . * , . , * 100 17 Where: 18 A0, sample is the sample activity at reference time t=0 [Bq], 19 A0, std is the standard activity at reference time t=0 [Bq], 20 Asample is the sample activity at the time of measurement [Bq], 21 λ is the decay constant: ln(2)/t1/2 [s -1 ],
doi:10.5194/amt-2021-153-supplement fatcat:thfty7gfovc5tnalqifr7lfohq